Fruit & Vegetable Specialists

Getting Started


For those not able to make it into the markets to buy, or for those businesses that require a large amount of fresh produce regularly, the DeMaria fruit shop is here to make your life that much easier.

Before we get started, we need to take care of a few simple housekeeping matters first.
The download below is our standard new customer form. Please take the time to fill this in to ensure that our invoicing system is kept 100% up to date.

New Customer Form


While we do not specifically cater for ordering and delivery to households, we are very happy to take the hassle out of your shopping. We have the staff and facilities to do your fruit & vegetable shopping for you.

Fill out our easy to use order form (Excel or PDF versions available below), and scan and email back to us at An invoice will be generated at the time the order is picked and will be email replied to your original request.

When you come to pick up the packed order, we recommend using our loading bays to the side of our premises where you can pull up your car and drive away with the produce - all without the need to even get out of your car. 

We will have your delivery ready after 3pm for all orders placed by 5pm the day prior. 

Order Form

Just below is an Excel and a PDF version of our order list.

The files are a very basic listing of what you can order over the course of a year. If we are not able to supply any of the products - which will only occur when something is out of season - we will let you know 


Excel Order Form

PDF Order Form

Placing an Order

All of our customers operate differently. As such, we have made it as simple as possible for you to place an order in whatever format you desire.


You can scan and attach your order to Otherwise, you can just email us a plain text document of what you'd like


Faxes are a simple to use method for getting your order to us. So, if you want to fax a copy of your order to (03) 8256 0104 we will be able to accept your order

Phone - Landline

Our landline number is (03) 9372 9397. Give us a call, and we can take your order over the phone

Phone - Mobile

You can give John a call on his mobile, or SMS him your order. His number is 0418 382 817.
Better yet, take a picture with your phone of a filled out order form and MMS it to John!


Online Contact Form

Fill out the form below, and we will receive your order directly into our email inbox

Name *


To ensure we can fulfil all parts of your order, it's best to have your order in before 5pm the day prior.
This will ensure we can get each and every item you've requested. As we also run a retail shop, the chances of this happening are few and far between!!