Fruit & Vegetable Specialists

Our Store

At DeMaria's, we pride ourselves in the business we have grown over the past few years. With the support of our fantastic customers, we have been delivering on our company's mission to provide fresh produce at affordable prices.

DeMaria's was founded in 2012 as a venture between Joe DeMaria and his son, John DeMaria. In that time we have established our business around one core principal... That every customer that comes through our doors leaves with the best produce available for very reasonable prices.

With a large footprint, our shop caters for everyone's needs - regardless of culinary background. And on the odd occasion you can't find something you'd like - speak to one of our friendly managers to see if we can bring it in.


The Markets


Most of Melbourne's fruit and vegetables are sold by growers to wholesales in the Melbourne Wholesale Markets.
So, every morning Joe gets up before the break of day and travels to the market to buy produce from the wholesalers.

At DeMaria's we run a sophisticated Just-In-Time Inventory management system, whereby we are able to ensure that we turn over our stock constantly - ensuring that what we put up on our shelves is guaranteed to be the freshest available produce. 

It is our commitment to you that every trading day of the year, a DeMaria will be in the Melbourne Wholesale Market buying the very best and freshest fruit and vegetables on offer.

Our History


In 1954 Pasquale DeMaria moved from Southern Italy to Australia.

Uneducated, in a foreign country with no English to his name he initially settled in an outback rural town where other migrants had taken up - now modern day Mildura. Here he had a small plot of land where he grew his vegetables the same way he had done back home.

As his family grew, he made the decision to move his family to Melbourne. Here he started up a business with his brother Giovanni on a small stand in the Melbourne Wholesale Markets selling the produce of the other growers that had settled in Mildura. In years to come, all of his sons would work in this business as it grew into a successful wholesale banana venture.

And so, many years on, another generation of DeMaria's are working in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. John, with a working history in the retail industry, decided a new fruit shop was required in the only area of Melbourne he and his family have ever lived - Moonee Ponds. He identified a gap that many other traders in the area had overlooked - supply and support the people with the best fruit at affordable prices, and they will support you in return..