Fruit & Vegetable Specialists

Delivery Areas

The above map gives a general outline of our Deliverable Areas for Businesses.




Delivery Days & Times


We deliver 6 days a week, and will take on late additions to your orders.
Its the part of the service that makes buying off DeMaria's a great addition to your business. We want you to grow your business, and if going the extra mile is required to help you succeed, its on us to help where we can.


When placing your order, give us an indicative time you would like the stock delivered.
Please Note: As our trucks are returning from the market daily at around 7am, we cannot deliver at any time before 8am.



Quality Control

At DeMaria's, choosing the best product to deliver to our customers is what sets us apart from the rest. Our team are well trained in identifying quality product for our retail store. This same team hand pick your order, and are well versed in ensuring every item you receive will be to specification. If there is an issue with any of the product you've received, please get into contact with us right away to discuss how we can make good on our commitment to you.